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"Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow."

Head Start

Head Start is a federal program for preschool age children from low-income families and children with special needs.  Children who attend Head Start participate in a variety of educational activities that help prepare them to be school ready when they enter kindergarten.  Children participating in the program receive many services such as; physical, dental and vision exams, developmental screening and nutritious meals.


The Interlocal CAP Head Start program serves 250 children and their families in Hancock, Henry and Rush counties. All 14 classrooms are full day and the children attend Monday through Friday. We have locations in New Castle, Middletown, Tri Elementary, Eder Hall, Rushville, Milroy Elementary, Fortville and Greenfield.


Parent involvement is a crucial part of Head Start.  Parents are offered opportunities to participate in a variety of ways, bus monitor on bus routes, volunteering in a classroom or serving on a committee, in a parent group, or on Policy Council.

Head Start Annual Report

2016 - 2017

Volunteers Information

Total Volunteers: 463

Current/Former Parents: 139

Health Services 

Coordinator: Jennifer Denney

Health Exams 

Children Receiving
Physical Exam: 309

Dental Exam: 329


Numbers of Meals Served:
Breakfast: 17,126
Lunches: 32,961
Snacks: 15,618

Grantee 2016 Financial Adult 

100% Compliance 


Supervisor: Debbie Evans

ICAP Head Start transported 145 children during the 2016-2017 school year.

Educational Services

Coordinator: Mikelle Roach

2016-2017 School Readiness Outcomes 

Approaches to Learning: 93%

Cognition & General Knowledge: 90%

Language & Literacy: 94%

Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Dev: 97%

Social & Emotional Development: 94%

These percentages show Head Start children gained the needed social and the school readiness skills necessary to learn. Perceptual, Motor and Physical Development and Social-Emotional Development was relatively high at the first checkpoint.


The greatest percent of the increase

occurred in the Cognition and Approaches to

Learning followed closely by the Language and Literacy. The results indicate our Head Start children are ready to learn and have acquired age appropriate skills necessary for learning.

Children diagnosed with a Disability

Total: 84

Prior to enrollment: 36

During enrollment: 48

Head Start welcomes all children including those who have a diagnosed disability. The Performance Standards require that at least 10% of the total number of enrollment slots are reserved for serving children with disabilities.

"The USDA and the State of Indiana are equal

opportunity providers and employers"

Family Services

Coordinator: Joy Woolf

Child Information

Total Funded Enrollment: 270

Average Monthly Enroll: 100%

Total Children Served: 344

- Three-year-olds: 142

- Four-year-olds: 202

Parent Information

Total Families Served: 318

- Two-parent families: 111

- Single parent families: 207

Parent Education

Advanced Degree/Bachelors: 10

Associates/Vocation/Some College: 58

High School/GED: 194

Less than HS Diploma: 56

Parent Employment

Two-Parent Families

-Both parents working: 7

- One parent working: 85

- Unemployed: 19


Single-Parent Families

- Working: 157

- Unemployed: 50

Parent in Job Training/School

Two parent families:

-One parent: 7

Single parent families: 13