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Local Connection

The Local Connection is a partnership between United Way, Covering Kids & Families, and Open Door Health Services, and the Interlocal Community Action Program of Delaware County (ICAP). The Local Connection initiative is funded by the Indiana Association of United Ways, through a Lilly Grant to address community conditions in Gaston, IN.


Project Goal: To remove the stigma and increase building blocks so that all people in underserved rural communities will have easier access to the systems of support available in the community at large. Objective: Stigma, access, and availability all are barriers to people accessing needed resources.


Therefore, to improve access to the systems of support available, this project strengthens and enhances the collaborative infrastructure currently existing in our county. Specific solutions will:



  • Remove Barriers to success and increase supports for success

  • Involve delivery of services to people in their small town or neighborhood

  • Be community-driven, not pre-determined

  • Have clear outcomes and objectives developed by community members

  • Be sustainable


The Local Connection seeks to connect people with the resources they need, where they live. By partnering with local school districts to advance the common good, the Local Connection is able to change community conditions in the areas of Education, Income, and Health. For more information contact Amy Logan, Outreach Coordinator @ 765-228-2847.